Sleep Tight



  • Length: 33cm
  • Ultra Thin at 0.2cm
  • Winged
  • Non Bleached Cotton Top Coat
  • No perfume or dyes
  • Chlorine Free
  • Non-toxic glue
  • Green Compound Core formulated with Nano AG+ & Negative Ions to inhibit bacterial growth and  odour

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Ultra soft, thin, and designed with a high absorbency ion core, we can sleep soundly throughout the night while staying dry and feeling comfortable. Wake up the next day in confidence without worrying about leaks or skin irritation.

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7 reviews for Sleep Tight

  1. Sandy Tan

    I had tried this brand and product upon the recommendation from a friend. Packaging is simple and no frills, and the product is great. No stinging material, good adhesive and last me through the night during heavy period days.

  2. Tay Sho Ling

    I tried this, i did not have leaks the bext day..
    Is good and my skin does not have rashes from it.

  3. Ketsuda

    It has a light and soft surface that keeps your skin feeling dry and clean even on heavy days, and also helps prevent the sticky feeling, unlike many regular pads. I feel safe sleeping through the night without thinking about bloodstains on your bed.

  4. Eleen Lim

    I like the packaging design of adore as it makes sure that the items can always be sealed. Sleep tight is long enough tlso I don’t have to worry about leakage for a food night sleep

  5. Cheryl Sim

    I tried it after hearing positive reviews from my colleague . It’s thin & soft , yet extremely absorbent even on my heavy nights . It’s comfortable & doesn’t irritate my skin . No foul odour in the morning . I slept soundly & tightly all night through knowing that I don’t have to worry about leakage nor menstrual stains left on my bed covers .

  6. Ching Hui Ying

    I received the adore sleep tight ,the design of pack is beautiful .And I look is nice.The sleep tight I use in night is comforting and no leaking

  7. Grace

    Tried the sleep tight pad and Really love it, super comfy and no leaks throughout the night! It feels like I did not wear a pad at all. I can sleep in peace despite having heavy flow!

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