Get Comfortable

  • Length: 15.5cm
  • Ultra Thin at 0.2cm
  • Wingless
  • Non-bleached Cotton Top Coat
  • No perfume or dyes
  • Chlorine Free
  • Non-toxic glue
  • Green Compound Core formulated with Nano AG+ & Negative Ions to inhibit bacterial growth and odour

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(11 customer reviews)




For busy ladies, feeling fresh throughout the day is key. These liners are ultra soft, keeping our skin irritation-free, and leaves us dry and comfortable round the clock. One pack is designed to last for the month.

11 reviews for Get Comfortable

  1. Melody S

    I use it last few days of periods and it keeps me dry and odure -free . And i don’t feel uncomfortable as the thickness is just right for me .

  2. Shyanne

    My daughter had infection when she was 14, ever since she came back from a beach holdiays. She started to get sensiitve and so far only adore pads suit her. Since then, she has no more issues. Highly recommend for young girls.

  3. Shaynne

    My daughter had infection when she was 14 after a beach holiday. Ever since, she had sensitive skin and only adore pads will not cause itch. Highly recommend this for young girls.

  4. Joxchua

    So comfortable that it feels like nothing on the skin! Also have a peace of mind with its Green Compound Core properties

  5. melody siew

    I use it during my last 2 days of my period. The size is just nice and not too thick. And is odour free.

  6. Alicia

    Got this from a friend and was surprised by it! Love how the pad is so thin and comfortable! Would definitely purchase this on my own!

  7. Zhou zhijuan

    Excellent choice for the girl on the go!

  8. Kelly

    Very comfortable and recommend to friends.

  9. AJ Chong

    Got a tried from my friend and it is surprised me. Love it as it is thin and very comfortable.

  10. Ariel

    If you active and goes cycling for long hours like me, Adore pantyliner is the one to try. It lasts me for more than half a day without itching or infection! I have tried many brands and this is the only one that I can feel the difference.

  11. Rachel

    Great for light days and as panty liners! Love how the pads are fragrance and odour free. I really got comfortable with it.

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