Online Store FAQs

1. Do you ship internationally? 
We primarily offer shipping within Singapore. For International Shipping, please email to

2. How long will it take to delivery my order?
Your order will be delivered within 3-5 days after order is confirmed.

3. How can I check my order status?
You may log in to your eShop account to track your order status. If you are facing any difficulties doing so, please email to with your Order ID. 

4. Where can I email my enquiries to?
For any enquiries, please email to and our customer service team will be ready to assist you from there. 

5. Can I change or cancel my order after it’s been processed?
We are unable to make amendments to either the contents of your order or the delivery details. For subscription customers, you may email to 7 days before your subscription renewal date to change your product combination. 

6. How much does shipping cost? 
We offer free shipping within Singapore on all ADORE purchases over SGD $36. All orders of lesser value will incur a shipping fee of SGD $4. 

Online Subscriptions

1. I can’t log into my account? 
Please email to with your email address. 

2. How do I adjust or cancel my order? 
When starting a subscription box service by ADORE だいすき, be sure to enter your correct contact details, shipping and billing information so that you can access your account check the status of your order at any time. Once you’ve placed your subscription order, you will receive an email from us confirming your order with your Order and Subscription ID. In your account, you can request for cancellation for your subscription and update your payment details. For any changes in order, you may email to 7 days before your subscription renewal date to change your product combination.

3. Will my subscription be automatically renewed? 
Our subscriptions are automatically renewed and billed every 3 months, until you opt-out. You can log into your account and request for cancellation at least 7 days before the renewal date.