Adore Yourself

Our Features

18 Hours Protection

18 Hours Protection

Suppress bacterial growth up to 18 hours.

Negative Ions Plus

High – Absorbency

Super absorbent core to stay all day.

High - Absorbency

Negative Ions Plus

Contains Nano Ag+ with high concentration of negative ions to inhibit bacterial growth

Take your period off

your mind!

Customise your period
box from our range
to suit your needs.



Leave your period care to us!
Pick and choose any 9 products from our range
to create your own ADORE だいすき’s period box
for just SGD $36!


1. Your Own ADORE だいすき‘s Period Box

Mix and match the combination that
you love 
according to your needs.

2. Every 3 Months

Have your customised period box delivered to you every 3 months.

3. Cancel Anytime

Change of mind, you can cancel anytime.

4. Free Delivery

Enjoy Free Delivery on all subscriptions.​

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Our Mission

We want to build a community among women who choose us, extending a sense of personal touch and establishing trust within our customers. Us being one of the rare few local companies dealing with feminine hygiene products, we aim to create a superior product for women, and at the same time look at re-educating all women on femininity and healthcare issues. Our range is fuss free and straight forward, one that combines all the benefits in one.